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In a highly competitive environment, what stands out gets picked! We at intelliLABS create products that help your business to advance and give a competitive edge over your competitors. intelliLABS offers high quality IT solution to selected horizontal and vertical segments.

Software Development

Translating ideas into reality is what keeps business ticking. Our highly efficient software development team can turn your ideas to reality. Streamline your business activities efficiently, intelliLABS offers you products that can better organise your business.

Ease-of-use and delivering greater end user experience is a requisite in a time where the market is flooded with software. Our stringent quality checks ensure value to the investment that you make in IT.

intelliLABS extends its service even after the execution of the project, so that you are not left alone deciphering the issues with the software. Our software maintenance team is a call away when it comes to service.

Web Applications

A potential customer is a click away! Convert visitors into customers with intelliLABS’ web applications. Our dedicated team is at your service in creating website that will attract customers. The team is equipped with the latest technological knowledge base that will help you creating custom made website which is exceptional and user friendly. Whatever is your need - corporate, professional or personal website? intelliLABS promises best quality websites. Our proficient team of professional web developers, web & graphic designers and website testers works around the clock delivering world class websites.

At intelliLABS our service goes beyond the geographical boundaries. It reaches were you are! We are a team who are on our toes in delivering product at the specified time. We are committed in developing quality website applications that will take your business to next level.

Excellence is our motto in developing world class products for you. This results into quality products that will not let you down and helps you to retain valuable customer base.

Mobile Applications

The world is going mobile; don't lose your valuable customers! Yes, the world is in a transition, technological advancements are booming. If you lag behind you are going to lose the race. The reach and growth of SmartPhones, Tablets and mobile devices has been phenomenal. The unprecedented growth of the mobile technology has given every business organisation an opportunity to reach potential customers at a personal level.

At intelliLABS, we develop mobile applications that will help you to reach your potential customer. The development and execution of mobile applications require a greater level of expertise and intelliLABS has it. We have a dedicated team of developers who are armed with latest know-how in modern platforms like iOS & Android. This team works round the clock to bring the very best in every app.

intelliLABS is a strategic team that helps you to find the specific needs of the customer and build apps based on those needs.

Infrastructure Services

The world is shifting phases as technology and its allied activities advances. It's is suicidal for a business to forgo these advances. Trends forecast a major change in the IT sector. Major chunk of the investment by the business is going to be on IT. intelliLABS helps you in making strategic decision in your infrastructural investment.

Get what you need. Anything more than your need will add up as junk. At intelliLABS helps you save you money by channelizing your financial resources to what you need.

SEO Services

No one understands the efficacy of a well- designed website more than us here at intelliLABS. A well designed website not only must soothe the aesthetics but also direct and target the relevant audience of the particular product/ service to the website. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a primary element in the development of websites and it is utmost important that your website gets listed in the first few pages of various search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google. Getting listed in the first pages of search engines is not a natural process but a calculated and strategic method of branding which help specific online requirements of various customers. With the latest technology deploying web analytics we understand the need for quality traffic and an optimum conversion rate which helps you to stay ahead of your competitors in search results whether you are an individual, professional, mid-sized business, or a corporate. In short, a search optimized site is what we would create for you. A SEO based website is advantageous on the following counts

  • Potential customers- local, regional or International will find you easily over the internet.
  • More visitors on the internet pave way for more real customers to your business.
  • It will increase visibility to your visitors and hitherto an unknown entity can become your long standing client in the future.
  • It is always cost effective compared to any marketing strategy or promotional activity online or offline.
  • It results in higher return of investment by increasing your sales volume.

Quality Assurance Process

Requirement Analysis
    The requirement analysis phase involves walk through and inspection to validate the requirement. The client requirement is analyzed by the technical module team and the QA module team The feedback is taken and incorporated in the Requirement Specification (RS)
RS Review
    The final Requirement specification is review by the QA specialist for the quality standards as follows:
    • Affectivity matrix
    • User story
    • Validations
    • Security settings
    • Message table
    • Textual data Length
    • GUI
    • ATP
TS Review
    The technical team prepares the Technical specification based on the specification. These TS are reviewed by the QA specialist for quality standards as follows
    • Affectivity matrix
    • Final GUI
    • Database changes
    • Unit test cases
    • SQL for complex queries
Code Review
    As a part of continuous quality improvement we in intelliLABS do a complete code review with our technical specialist, not a single line of code is left without being reviewed.

Quality Control Process

Our Independent Quality Control (QC) team validates the developed build extensively before it is been delivered to the client, the test case and Scripts are prepared while the software is in the coding stage and these test cases are reviewed and verified by a "Approving Board" consisting of the functional and Quality Assurance (QA) experts. The following testing are performed by out QC team

Functional Testing
    Software quality index (SQI) -is a measure of the quality of a software .SQI gives the quantitative measure of the quality of the software. Lower the SQI higher the Quality
Performance Testing
    Performance testing in an important aspect of any software, as such the intelliLABS products are tested for performance behavior .We use an inbuilt tool to benchmark the performance of our product ,We expect that every navigation is completed in 2 seconds. On this basis we have achieved all the client scenarios and the product is tested under various bandwidth and minimum system configuration including the unstable bandwidth.
Security Testing
    intelliLABS products follow 3 tier security set up Our QC team ensures that this security setting is not comprised in any product enhancement. We have a defined set of test cases and flow control, these documents forms the base for the testing of the security of the product. The documents and confidential information in the intelliLABS will be secured with security layers, our testing creates every possible scenario to undermine the security and test the product under volatile condition. This testing allows us to validate the security of the intelliLABS products.
User Acceptance Testing (Automation)
    UAT is final test on the developed product that ensures that all the client specific scenarios are tested, verified and proved that these features are functioning as intended by the end user. Our expertise in the domain helps us to understand our client specific scenario. Some of the areas of user acceptance testing that we are focused to provide high quality software:
    • Affectivity matrix
    • Final GUI
    • Database changes
    • Unit test cases
    • SQL for complex queries

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